Secure Your Parking Lot With Barrier Gates And Other Essentials

From the standpoint of someone who is involved in real estate, parking lots are considered areas that are nonproductive. There have been architects and building planners who have listened to the building and property owners that have parking lots that are faulty with security or have security measurements that are not existent. It is not uncommon for building owners to lower illumination in the parking lot so they do not have to pay as much for electricity, little to no security guards or no CCTV cameras in the parking lot areas.

The security in parking lots has been in the spotlight in areas all around the country. In fact, over 80% of crimes that are reported in and around shopping centers and malls happen in and around parking lots.

How To Establish A Cost Effective Parameter

The first step in securing parking areas on your property would be to have control systems in place to allow excess. Barrier gates are specifically designed to combat this problem. This type of device prevents vehicles from coming in or going out of the parking lot unknowingly because all traffic is kept under control in a single lane.

When integrated with access control as well as CCTV and other security measures such as well-lit parking lots and motion detectors, the parameter around your parking lot will be less vulnerable. If the security around your parameters is as stable as it can be, it will prove to be an excellent deterrent for burglars, car jackers and other criminals to penetrate the protected areas.


As previously explained it is critical that the parking lot has a lot of lighting. The lighting should also be located in the correct areas. Dark shadows can offer as a hiding space for criminals, as well as reduces visibility for pedestrians and their vehicles.

If you are not sure that the lighting in your parking area is secure, take some time to review and observe the behaviors of those who park in the lot. If there are a group of cars that are parked close together under lighting or they are forced to use their headlights in your garage, these are indications that those who use the parking lot may feel uncomfortable with the amount of darkness that is in the parking lot.

Have a lighting consultant evaluate your parking lot or garage so they can guide you and help you choose the lighting options that will work well.


Consider using an eye in the sky to look over and monitor not only the parking lot, but also entrances, exits, corridors and stairways. The surveillance can record a crime in progress and can also record vehicle accidents, slips and falls and assaults.

Just the mere presence of surveillance cameras can be enough to deter an aggressor from committing a crime. If your lot is unattended schedule more frequent patrols to keep an eye on the lot.

A barrier gate is one of the many ways that you can make your parking lot or business more secure. You will notice a return on your investment when your patrons are more comfortable parking in your lot.

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